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10 November 2020

The world is a bat

The world is round, there's no doubt about that. But how can we best display that on a map? Luca Concialdi has developed the Cahill-Concialdi projection in 2015, building forth on the work of Gene Cahill. The result is a conformal projection, retaining the shapes of the continents.
Cahill - Concialdi projection When developing the projection Luca had these important points in mind
  • The northern hemisphere must be united, with no interruptions at all.
  • As the biggest part of the continents are located in the northern hemisphere you should be able to virtually walk from Japan to Canada, passing through Russia, Scandinavia and Greenland without getting out of the map.
  • The only unavoidable interruption of the northern hemisphere must be the 170° west meridian. That meridian passes through the Bering Strait, so Russia will remain practically uninterrupted.
  • New Zealand must be on the same map portions of Australia, as in almost all world maps.
When you look closely at the map you'll see Antarctica is split in two parts, a conscious decision says Luca. “I decided to keep this land split in two parts for two reasons: Firstly, to maintain the overall symmetry of the map; secondly, this land is exactly over one of the non-conformal points. This means that if you join the two parts (you can take two maps and place them side by side) you’ll see the big flaw: Antarctica loses its »round« shape and it’s quite bigger than it has to be.”
After 5 years of development this beautiful map is ready to be shared. The result is a truly original view of the planet, also known as the "Bat Map". We of Red Geographics are very proud to have been able to contribute to this project. Order your copy here

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