Mississippi river

This is a terrainmodel of the Mississippi river and shows the elevation differences in the terrain surrounding the river. It makes the meandering visible. This image is currently used as phone background by Hans and Inge. We're also working on the red one.

Typographical map of Apeldoorn

This is a typographical map of the center of Apeldoorn. Different colours show the distinction between regular buildings, special buildings, parks, water, streets and railways.

Trans-Siberian railway

This map shows the route and some layovers of the Trans-Siberian Express.


This is a rendering of all countries that claim a part of Antarctica. This map is meant as reference with a book that describes the English and Nordic research activities in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Click on the image to see more maps in this style.

Contour lines as design

Red Geographics made the design for 15-times American champion cyclocross Katie Compton. The design, which has been used for her bike, helmet, car and outfit, consists of the contour lines of Pikes Peak in Colorado; her favourite trainingspot.

Watermap of The Netherlands

This map shows which parts of The Netherlands are in danger of floodings when the sea level rises up to 7 metres.

Roadmap of The Netherlands

This map is used by the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for maintaining our roadnetwork.

Satellite imagery

We're able to create visually stunning images of the earth using NASA's satellite data. Click on the image to see multiple examples.

Centre of London

This map shows the London road network.


The ©Balanceplanet is a geographical accurate globe in 3D with a 70-75 cm diameter. This globe can also be used as a beanbag.