About us

Red Geographics

Where it all began
The love for geography started at an early age. When classmates were playing with their toys, the founder Hans van der Maarel was nose deep in atlases. It won’t surprise you to know that his favorite topic in school was geography. In 1999, he graduated as cartographer after studying for four years.

After finding his current job lacked proper customer service and a real personal touch, he decided to start his own business. Now, over fifteen years later, personal and good service is still one of our core values.

In November 2020, Red Geographics has started its own webshop Blue Geographics, a webshop that sells beautiful products made with satellite images we designed ourselves.

Our approach
We are not a big IT company, which makes it easy for us to quickly respond and switch into action when necessary. This also allows us to remain in close contact with our customers, clients and partners.
We make sure to maintain, improve and share our geographical (software) knowledge, so we -and you- stay updated with new developments and possibilities. This is way of working resulted in a large and reliable network where we can fall back on if needed. In turn, this enables us to take on small, large and complicated projects

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Meet the team

Meet Hans



Say hi to Hans, owner of Red Geographics. Hans is a old school nerd with a love for maps. Likes to bike, likes to photograph and like to photograph biking people. When he was little, he planned his utopia in SimCity. Actually, he still does.. He likes the colour red, but not the (Dutch) song. He made a playlist on Spotify that all have locations in the title and he bought his first car twice, which was also red.

Meet Veerle

Customer Relations

Say hi to Veerle, our cyclocrossing top-athlete! She is by far the fastest, especially when she talks. Is addicted to Pepsi Max, but chooses tea more often. Has the direction sense of a kiwi. Put her in any store and she’ll walk in the wrong direction, every time. She has the stop-talking-start-working-mentality, except if you take that literally. Then it’s more talking than working..

Meet Inge


Say hi to Inge. Work hard, sleep hard. Is always prepared for anything, except rain. Likes to practice her driving skills in GTA. Maybe that’s where her love for BMW’s comes from. She likes to do the unexpected; she actually does use her turn signals. Does our software appear to be Chinese to you? Don’t worry, with a degree in Chinastudies Inge can still help you.

Did you know

we have customers on every continent, except Antarctica?