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Master MAPublisher in Just 2 Days

Transform your map-making with MAPublisher, now comprehensively taught at RED Academy online courses. Imagine the ease of automatically infusing your corporate identity into every map, the simplicity of auto-labeling, and the efficiency of reusing mapping elements. Join us at RED Academy to revolutionize your mapping skills and leverage MAPublisher's full potential.
✔️ 26+ years experience                 ✔️ Over 150 people trained in MAPublisher             ✔️ Over 35 modules differing in difficulty and time

We all know how difficult it can be to start something new!

We teach you to design smarter, not harder. So not only will the training fit around your schedule, the mapping itself also doesn't have to take long. We will guide you in combining useful GIS tools to work with your data and style the map in an efficient and visually pleasing way.

By teaching you how to use MAPublishers' tools and functionalities efficiently, you get the best of both worlds:

GIS toolsGraphic Design skills
Find and prep the data Style your maps
Locate the data (or even yourself) Color usage
Crop, trim, buffer and join data Best practices
Georeference How to convey the message with your map
Label with ease and precision Understand the bounderies of your map(making)

All these skills are covered in their respective courses and the videos are divided into quick and easy tutorials. We're here to help guide you. With our experience in using and teaching MAPublisher, we know the importance of setting up an your corporate identity, help you where to find the right data and much more.
Build knowledge, save time

SAY Hello RED Academy

This unique platform is the place for everyone who wants to learn MAPublisher. Your level is not important, since you can start from scratch, but you will also find advanced trainingvideos to level up your skills.

This is what you can expect from our RED Academy:

✅ Access to all available training videos
✅ Practical tutorials, workflows and clear instructions
✅ Examples from all over the world, using freely available data
✅ The opportunity to learn at your own pace
✅ Crash course to get you going within 13 minutes!

This early bird promotion for our RED Academy - MAPublisher only costs €449 annually.

That means you have an entire year to watch the videos that are relevant for you, or to go all the way!

I want the early bird price!
But what does that entail?
✔️ MAPublisher basic training€947,-
✔️ MAPublisher Advanced Training €497,-
✔️ Individual and in-depth modules €147,-
✔️ Expert explanations in video and text Priceless
✔️ Approachable excersizes Priceless
Total Value: €1591-

The early bird pricing will only apply until April 30th 2024. After that, an annual subscription will cost €749.

Convinced? Claim your early bird offer now!

Yes please!


1Will the material be relevant for me?

Since the videos are split on skills, you can choose for youself what suits your needs. From basic to advanced, we offer complete training courses, but you can watch all the modules separately. So whether you're just starting this adventure or you're a MAPublisher veteran, there will be new things to learn for every level.

2Will the difficulty match my level?

We have designed the videos so you're able to start with zero knowledge about MAPublisher (or even Adobe Illustrator). Once you get the hang of the basics, it will surprise you how easy and fun it is to learn and use.

3How much time will it cost me?
It will cost an initial investment of approximately 2 days. When you finished the training course you will be able to efficiently and quickly make maps. Saving you time in the long run.
4What if I have questions or don't understand something?
If something is unclear, please don't hesitatie to contact us directly at

Who are we?

Red Geographics is a long-time Avenza partner based in The Netherlands. With over 26+ years of experience using MAPublisher and other Avenza tools, and as many years of giving training, we enjoy spreading the knowledge. We understand the struggles of starting with new software and take that into consideration when making our training content.
Red Geographics has worked on all kinds of maps ranging from topographic maps to city plans, atlas maps, maps for academic publications and even globes.