Moving MAPublisher to a different computer
16 July 2020
We regularly receive questions about our logo and what the story behind it is. Hans explains how Evil Duckie became our company logo:
"In May 2004 I visited one of my good friends in Oakland, California. One night we were on our way to a restaurant, when we walked past a store that featured rubber ducks with horns in their display. My friend said: “Oh look, they’re evil!” and at that time I decided I had to have them. So I bought a few and handed them out to a couple of friends. Another one took it upon himself to design a cartoon-like version of the evil duckie. This developed quite fast into Evil Duckie on tour, travelling all over the world. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way it went missing.

When I founded my company a few months later, the logo was the easiest choice; it had to be the duck. In the meantime, Evil Duckie is a steady travel companion, often resulting in original pictures and fun conversations."

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