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23 March 2020
FME subscriptions for organisations
1 May 2020
Safe Software has several licensing possibilities. Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out which license suits your needs best. In this blog we describe the licenses for individual users. Are you more interested in the subscriptions for organisations that Safe offers? Read this blog.
FME can be divided into four variants:
FME Desktop
FME Server
FME Cloud
FME Home license (bonus edition)
There are two options for each variant. We'll discuss those options first.

FME licenses can be fixed or floating. Fixed (also known as node-locked) enables FME to work on a single specified computer. If FME is installed on more than one computer, each computer requires its own license. This license cannot be shared with other users. Floating licenses on the other hand, is a common way for a company to share a limited number of licenses with multiple users. Just keep in mind that once all the licenses are in use, the next user has to wait until a license becomes available again. Floating licenties are identical to the fixed licenses, except for the fact that you pay more for the flexibility it provides.

FME Desktop

Your FME purchase includes a permanent license and the first year of maintenance is free. This gives you the right to software updates and to priority whenever you need help.
FME Desktop is divided into three editions.

FME Professional.
Good for reading and writing most data and applications.

What's the price?



Additional concurrent licenses are €1.900 each.
FME Workbench
FME Data Inspector
Acces to FME Hub, the FME User Community
425+ formats
475+ Transformers
Runs on Windows, Mac en Linux
Works with FME Server en Cloud
First year free maintenance*
Free technical support
* After the first year, the maintenance costs 20% of the total purchase price per year. This is not mandatory, but ensures priority for support and updates.

FME Esri
Added abilities for those working with Esri's ArcGIS.




Additional concurrent licenses are €2.600 each.
This edition includes everything in the Professional Edition, plus 5 extra readers and 5 extra writers. These readers and writers can read and process specific Esri formats, like Esri ArcGis en Esri Geodatabase.

FME Database
Write data to popular cloud and on-premises databases.



Additional concurrent licenses are €3.200 each.
This edition includes everything in the Esri Edition, with an additional 3 readers and 27 writers. The extra readers and writers increases the amount of formats FME can read and process.

Depending on the number of users you have, a floating license can become financially attractive quite quickly.

A small example with four users. Let's say everyone needs to work with FME Desktop Database Edition. With four fixed licenses you'd pay €20.800. With four floating licences the price would be (€9,500 + (3*3,200)) €19,100. If he users don't have to work with FME at the same time, you don't need 4 floating licenses, but 3 (€15.900) or even 2 (€12.700) would do.

FME Upgrades
It's simple to upgrade your FME edition. You only pay the difference in price with the more extensive edition. If you don't have an active maintenance contract, you'll have to extend your contract retroactively.

FME Server

FME Server automates the workflows made in FME Desktop. You can choose to run them at any time during the day (or night) or you set a trigger to start your workspace. This could be an incoming email. This removes the need to execute repetitive tasks manually, because now, your workspace runs automatically at a time most convenient for you.

Keep in mind that you need FME Desktop to build the workspaces. In the newest update of FME 2020 you no longer need Desktop to upload your workspace to Server. You do, however, still need Desktop to build the workspaces.

FME Server processes one job at a time. Multiple jobs line up in a queue and patiently wait for their turn. More engines are easily purchased when it turns out you need more to process all your jobs.

However, before you buy extra Engines, make sure you actually use the current Engine(s) to the max. We can provide you with a license for FME Server Dashboards so you can gain insights in how your Engines are used, by who and in what capacity.
Read more about FME Server Dashboards here.


Extra Engines


Optional and per Engine
Dynamic Engines
A new option in the FME 2020 update is the option to choose Dynamic Engines.
You can go for this option if you already have a regular FME Server license. If you don't always need as many Engines, you can 'switch on' more Engines as needed. You purchase credits up front and whenever you need extra capacity, you use a Dynamic Engine. When in use, the credits count down. This is especially useful when you get larger jobs at random times.

FME Cloud

Want to automate data integration workflows, but don’t have the hardware or resources to support FME Server? FME Cloud is a hosted deployment option for FME Server. Instead of spending hours on set-up and configuration, you can have FME Server up and running in minutes. FME Cloud available in two options. You can Pay As You Go (per hour) or go for an annual subscription.
The hourly rate makes sure you only pay what you need and use. However, if you suspect you will have to use it regularly or for large jobs, we advise you to consider choosing the annual subscription. In most cases choosing the annual subscription saves you roughly 40% relative to the hourly rate.

Hourly rateCoresRamAnnual subscription
$0.902Starter4 GB$4.300
$1.502Standard8 GB$7.500
$2.804Professional16 GB$14.400
$6.0016Premium64 GB$30.000
$10.0048Enterprise192 GB$50.000

In addition you also pay for data transfer and storage. The default estimate is roughly 7 Dollar per month, which has been based on historical data. However, it all depends on the amount of data that needs to be transferred and stored. At Safe's website they have a calculator to help give you an indication of the costs, but we can help you with that as well.

With both options you have an unlimited amount of Engines. Do consider the fact that the performance of larger jobs is limited due to the memory and capacity of the processor. That's why we advice to start with one Engine per core.

FME Home Edition

If you want to use FME at home to track your hiking routes, tweet weather updates, or simply just to have some fun experimenting with new functionality? Then you’re eligible for a free license of FME Desktop. Use this link to apply for your free license.

Please note that home use licenses can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.
We'd love to help you figure out what license fits you and your company's needs best. For help, questions or interest, please contact us using the button below.

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