FME subscriptions for organisations

Apart from the licenses for individual use, Safe has introduced license subscriptions for organisations. In this blog we describe the different options they offer. Would you prefer to read about the licenses for individual use? Read this blog. The subscriptions are divided into six categories. These are: Enterprise, local government, utilities, educational institutions, airport companies and an Enterprise License Agreement.
Enterprise Subscription
An Enterprise Subscription means you can easily and at a lower up-front cost purchase and use FME Desktop and FME Server as much as you need. There are six levels to choose from. You pay roughly 1/3 of the entire value up front, so you can get started right away. The advantage lies in the fact that you don't have to pay for the whole amount at once, while you have unlimited access from the start. This amount is spread over a three year period.
If you use more than the amount that's set for your level, it's easy to upgrade. The upgrade is automatically settled with the next extension. In the table below you'll find the prices as an indication of the costs. Is something unclear or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

LevelAnnual priceThreshold Value
Local governments, utilities, educational institutions and airports
The subscriptions for these for types are all very similar. This option allows the organisations to have unlimited access to FME Desktop and Server. The price is based on your population, based on the number of customers your utility serves, based on the number of students that attend your institution or it's based on passenger traffic.

There are some things to take into consideration:
Utilities can only apply if they provide water, gas or electricity.
Schools wanting to use FME as part of their educational curriculum are eligible to apply for free licenses for teaching and instruction. Your students, unfunded researchers, and recent graduates are also eligible to apply for their own free licenses.
Since airport traffic is significantly down due to COVID-19, any subscriptions started in 2020 will be based upon whichever is the lowest (i.e. least expensive) of either your 2019 volume or your projected volume for 2020.

Enterprise License Agreement
Finally we have the ELA. This is not so much a subscription as it is a customized multi-year licensing agreement. For a fixed annual fee you will typically have unlimited access to FME Desktop and FME Server software licenses with annual maintenance included. ELAs are ideal for customers who want volume pricing, who anticipate increasing their FME usage over the next few years, or who require special arrangements. ELAs are typically available to customers with a large number of FME licenses.

Advantages of the subscriptions
Lower Acquisition Cost. Add new FME licenses for a lower up-front cost as compared to our traditional licensing model.

Reduced Procurement Costs. Save your finance team time by opting for a single subscription instead of having to process multiple one-off requests.

Support and Software Updates Get access to the latest features and software updates to FME as they become available.

‘Free’ FME for All Other Departments. For one annual price, your entire city government can use FME, allowing other departments to use FME at no additional cost.

Eliminate Time Lag on Projects. Easily add new licenses as needed, never again letting your projects get delayed waiting on necessary licenses.

Predictable Budgeting. Pay once and you’re covered for 12 months. Renewal only occurs once per year, regardless of growth.

Easy to Manage. Instead of multiple contracts to keep track of, combine everything into a single, centralized agreement.

Unlimited Usage. Most ELAs let you use as many FME licenses as you want, without paying extra, for the length of your term.

We're ready to help you figure out which subscription suits you and your organisation best. You need help, have questions or are you interested? Contact us by clicking on the button below!

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