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21 August 2020
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11 December 2020


The founder of our company, Hans, has been involved with NACIS for quite some time. He is also a board member.
NACIS is the North American Cartographic Information Society, which is an enjoyable society of map enthusiasts. They have yearly meetings and work on a variety of projects and publications which promote map making.

Our colleague Inge talks about her presentation and how it came about:

This year the annual congress had to be virtual. So Hans proposed I sign up as a presentor, just like he did. We decided to use my experiences as a beginning cartographer as the main subject for the presentation.
A couple of weeks later I received the confirmation that my presentation was actually selected for the congress.

We chose to pre-record our presentations, due to the time difference. In the end, I've recorded my presentation at 10.30pm and a week and a half later we attended the congress online at 9 PM.

I've talked about how I ended up in the vast world of cartography and how I've never thought I'd enjoy it this much. Turned out, a lot of people have started in a similar situation. We all concluded it comes down to; you don't choose cartography, cartography chooses you.

It has been a fun experience and I'd love to present again next year. Although I'd also love to see other presenters share their experiences. Especially since I received many tips and tricks to learn more and become better at what I do.

Do you want to see the presentation? Check out the video below.

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