MAPublisher integrates seamlessly in Adobe Illustrator and this combination provides you with the ultimate platform for digital cartography; the complete cartographic workflow - from raw data to producing a high quality map. MAPublisher is easy to learn and by following our training course, you ensure the ability to use the software to the fullest.
MAPublisher is an Adobe Illustrator plugin which bridges the gap between GIS and graphic software. This allows you to use geographical data to quickly produce high quality maps. MAPublisher combines the best of GIS in combination with Illustrator's powerful design tools.

Thanks to MAPublisher, most popular GIS formats (such as Geodatabases, Shapefile, MapInfo mid/mif, ArcInfo E00, GML, DXF and S-57) can be imported in Illustrator, while retaining scale, projection and attributes. In addition, appointing styles based on those attributes to the objects in the map is also possible. This drastically speeds production up.
Since you're working in Illustrator, you still have access to the tools necessary to convert your geographical data to a printable file. Another advantage is the ease with which you can make and post an interactive Flash-map.

An useful addition in MAPublisher: LabelPro.
The MAPublisher LabelPro labeling Engine offers advanced text labeling options. With LabePro it is possible to overcome the most frequent issues, like solving layerconflicts, classifying obstacles for text placing and creating complex textplacingrules.
LabelPro uses the MAPublisher attributes for placing the text and offers an intuitive interface for more controle. Once the rules are set, they can be saved for re-use or share them with other users.

Our own experience with MAPublisher
We use MAPublisher for many of our cartographic projects. Like all maps, the BalancePlanet and, for example, our productions for ANWB and National Geographic.

Discover the strength of MAPublisher yourself! MAPublisher is available in different licenses. We're happy to advise you which license suits your needs best. Contact us for a non-binding quotation and start your free trial today!

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Possibilities MAPublisher

Mapublisher offers exstensive support for geospatial data. Import leading GIS industry formats from Esri, Google, MapInfo, WFS/WMS services, and other GIS sources with all attributes and georeferencing intact and fully editable.

Using the appropriate map projection is crucial for any map design. MAPublisher supports thousands of coordinate systems and projections to help you display data accurately.

Spatial data as works of art
MAPublisher offers a high degree of flexibility when editing map features in Adobe Illustrator. Create new features on-the-fly, maintain georeferencing when joining, cropping, trimming, buffering, and simplifying data.

Design smarter
Save time by styling map data based on its attributes. Use MAP Themes to create thematic maps, designate point symbols, and apply graphic styles based on rules that you create.

Precise label placement
Create labels using the Label Features tool to automatically place labels to map features and fine-tune the labeling with Map Tagger. MAPublisher LabelPro™ pairs advanced rules to a sophisticated labeling engine for more efficient and intelligent label placement. Purchase the MAPublisher LabelPro™ as an add-on to any MAPublisher license.

Create visually stunning maps that are print-ready. Need to go digital? Export geospatial PDF that contain the coordinate system and attribute information. Need a web map? Export your maps using MAP Web Author to create HTML5-compatible web maps without coding knowledge. Take it mobile by exporting map packages compatible with the Avenza Maps app.