Working with geographical data doesn't have to be complicated. Geographic Imager® mapping software enhances Adobe Photoshop to make working with spatial imagery quick and efficient. It adds tools to import, edit, manipulate and export geospatial images such as aerial and satellite imagery. Enjoy the use of native Adobe Photoshop functions such as transparencies, filters, pixel editing, and image adjustments like brightness, contrast, and curve controls while maintaining spatial referencing.
If cartographic quality really matters, you need the tools necessary to efficiently produce maps of the highest quality. MAPublisher is an excellent tool to bridge the gap between GIS data and the graphic world for vector data.

But what if it's about raster data?
Geographic Imager enables you to transform and edit satellite imagery and aerial photo's in the same user friendly environment. It offers for Adobe Photoshop similar functionalities as MAPublisher does for Adobe Illustrator. This allows you to use the strength of Photoshop on spatial data.

Geographic Imager is an extension on the large set of options Adobe itself already offers. Added are the tools and techniques for importing, editing, combining and tranforming raster files, like aerial photos, satellite imagery as well as digital terrain and elevation models. Its functionality integrates seamlessly with all the options Photoshop offers. In addition, Geographic Imager supports 3D formats (Arc/Info ASCII Grid & Binary Grid, BIL, NITF, DEM USGS/CDED ASCII, Military Elevation Data / DTED, SDTS transfer en SRTM) and compressed raster formats (ECW, JPEG 2000, MrSID, PCI EASI/PACE, SGI en BigTIFF).

Shaded relief
Geographic Imager now offers the possibility to set up hypsometric tints and shaded relief. This creates the opportunity to produce visually attractive maps using digital elevation data.

Seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop
Retain geospatial properties
Georeference images intuitively
Advanced image format import
Connect to web map services
Import and export elevation data
Full geospatial PDF and extensive coordinate system support
Mosaic images effortlessly

Geograhic Imager is available in different licenses. We're happy to advise you which license suits your needs best. Contact us for a non-binding quotation and start your free trial today!

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