Automate data integration tasks with FME Server and put your data on autopilot.
Bring your workspaces from FME Desktop online and automatically steer your data in the right direction with FME Server. Run workflows on a schedule whenever it suits you best or when an event is triggered. Stay in the loop if anything happens by automatically sending notifications to the right people.
Determine which actions trigger the workspace.
Automate your dataprocessing in realtime by defining which actions trigger your workspace. This could be modifications to an specific folder or an incoming email
By identifying specific triggers, actions and reactions, new data is uploaded or sent to whoever and wherever you want. This happens immediately and automatically.
Automate and save time.
Standard and repetitive tasks are not only boring, but also time-consuming. Let FME Server handle these jobs, so you can spend your time more effectively. With FME Server your workflow runs at any given time each day, without you having to lift a finger. You only have to determine if your workflows run on a single or returning interval. After your data is sucessfully integrated, you can send you and your team a notification. These notifications serve as warnings for succesful or erronous runs.

In short:
Process data in real-time using event-based triggers in Automations
Create schedules to run workflows at regular intervals
Run workflows in parallel. Be aware that this option requires multiple Engines.
Manage your data securely.
According to The Economist in 2017, data is now more precious than oil. Naturally, it's paramount that your organisation has a well-organized, secure system for managing all your data. With FME you can keep track of exactly where your data is and who has access to it, since it is up to you to grant access to coworkers, partners and clients. This ensures you keep control and security in your own hands. For others it's easy to upload and download data, while you decide who has access to what data.

In short:
Complete tasks in a highly secure system
Establish roles and rules according to your data governance policies
View which Jobs are running, have been queued, or are completed
View workspace details online without opening FME Desktop
Make your data more accessible.
With one FME Server license it is possible to support multiple users. Is that not enough? Use FME Server to create self-serve data portals or plan submissions that anyone, with or without a license, can access.

In short:
Build FME Server apps that anyone can access.
Create and share your projects online
Maintain consistency across data sets with application integration
More advantages with FME Server:
Highly scalabeHardware independentFME Dashboards
It doens't matter if you've just realised your start-up or are running an international company; growth is the ultimate target. FME Server grows with you and your needs. Scale up by adding more Engines to your existing license or use the pay-as-you-go option for those one-off projects that require some extra processing power. The goal is to make sure your FME Server stays online the second there's hardware failure. This fault-tolerance architecture ensures your data isn't lost when issues arise.FME Dashboards gives you valuable insights in your company's use of FME Server. Dashboards creates the possibility to see which users take up most of the Engine's capacity and how long the workspaces run.
Do you already have FME Desktop and do you want to automate your workflows? We're happy to advise you on your best course of action, or help you with the free trial. You don't even have to have FME Desktop to profit from FME Server. We can set up the workflow based on your needs and you only have to run the workflow everytime you want the latest data. This way you don't need to have the knowledge to build your own workflows, but you can still profit from FME's advantages.

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