FME stands for Feature Manipulation Engine and is the data-integration platform which is best suited to support geographical data. It supports all popular GIS formats and the capabilities to perfom all GIS edits you can think of. Check out this video for a short introduction of FME.

Connect over 450 formats and applications without codingEasily edit your data's content to get the results you need.Automate workflows that run 24/7

FME licenses
Thanks to our longstanding collaboration with FME's developers paired with our experience in the field gives us the knowledge needed to advise you on what license fits your need. Would you like to read more about the licenses and what they entail? Read our blog here.

FME Desktop
Connect and transform your data and build a workflow in FME Desktop
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FME Server
Automate workflows and run them whenever it's most convenient for you.
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FME Server Dashboards
Have access to the right tools to manage and maintain your server's functioning and gain insights in its capacities.
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FME Cloud
Use FME Server without having to invest in hardware and software.
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Curious which license suits your business best?

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