FME Form supports 450+ formats and applications to help you integrate and transform your data exactly for your needs. Build workspaces in FME Form’s drag-and-drop interface and re-use your workflows anytime you need to. As silver partner of Safe Software and with 25+ years of experience you can expect good and non-binding advice on all the possibilities.
FME is the data integration platform that best supports spatial data. In addition to support for formats like point clouds, raster imagery, vector shapes and 3D, FME has been designed to understand elevation, coordinate systems and other spatial attributes. While coding is not required to build workflows.
FME Form supports languages like Python and R to give you the flexibility to extend your workflows. From simple data conversions or complex integrations, FME Form can do it all!

Data Quality
The only thing worse than no data is bad data. That is why FME offers the possibility to check the quality of your data before, during and after transforming. Use data quality transformers within your workflow to validate your data. This helps you to also identify any other issue your workflow might run into. FME will help show where the issue is, what’s wrong with it and how to fix it.

Top-Notch Support
Dealing with data is not always as straightforward or easy as it may seem. We are here to help whenever you get stuck. Reach out via mail or call us and we will help you along in your data journey.

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