Measuring is knowing. Map the use of your FME Flow and Flow Hosted with our Dashboards. A clear overview shows you who is working in which workspace and how much time they've been at it. Naturally, it also shows who isn't working with FME or which workspaces are used least. Our Dashboards provide you with valuable management information.
FME Flow Dashboards is a software product we developed ourselves in response to our customers expressing the need for this information. It's a useful tool for FME users with FME Flow and/or FME Flow Hosted.

What issues does FME Flow Dashboards fix?

Our Dashboards show information on a job that FME Flow executed. This helps admins manage their FME Flow.
Standard dashboards are included in a FME install. However, according to our customers, the information given by these standard dashboards wasn't sufficient. That's why we developed Dashboards that show the information required to use FME Server most effectively.

Our Dashboards can be run on various intervals (daily, weekly, 4-weekly and monthly). The results show you how many jobs have run in that time frame, how much time that has cost and how much time was lost, because a job was in the queue. In addition, the results show which users, workspaces and respositories are most active in the amount of jobs run as well as time it has taken to process the jobs. It's possible you come to the conclusion you need more capacity, because you have too many jobs for one Engine. Maybe you'll discover you can schedule your jobs differently, so they don't have to wait in the queue waiting for the engine to become available.

What else?

Our dashboards also include the users and workspaces that are non active or haven't been used in these periods. Based on all this information you can decide to remove users or workspaces.

By using our Dashboards, an admin has the right tools to monitor and manage the Servers' functioning. This is particularly useful when it turns out more capacity is needed.

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