FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server. This online platform connects FME Server's power of automation with the cloud's flexibility. This tool expertly handles the complexity of spatial data in apps like Google Maps, ArcGIS Online, CARTO and hunderds more.
FME Cloud is the perfect solution to run your FME Desktop workflows in realtime. It's also possible to automatically run your workflows based on internal or external triggers. An external event can be an e-mail, like an internal event can be predetermined time intervals.

You don't need hardware
It costs less then ten minutes to start using FME Cloud. You don't have to invest in physical infrastructure, we take care of that. This fast installation is one of the things that make FME Cloud easy to use. Keep in mind, workspaces need to be built in FME Desktop. If you don't have FME Desktop, we can help you out! Either by providing you with an FME Desktop license, or we build the required workspace.

There are two ways you can choose to pay for FME Cloud. Either choose the pay-as-you-go-prices and pay by the hour of save money with an annual subscription. The more you use FME Cloud, the more profitable the yearly rate is, as opposed to the pay-as-you-go variant. It can save you up to 40%. Check Safe's site for the prices. No matter your preference, it's easy to adapt the use of FME to your need.

Security of your data in the Cloud
The safety and security of your data is our top priority. FME Cloud's architecture is built using Amazon Web Services which uses high-grade encryption and supports all major compliance standards. Read in this document more about FME Cloud's security.

I want FME Cloud!