FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. It’s an integrated collection of spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools for converting and processing (geographical) data. This software is developed by Safe software. With support for most (475+) formats and the possibility of conducting every imaginable GIS-manipulation, FME is an essential tool for the GIS-professional. See this overview for all supported formats, including which FME editions support which formats.
The power of FME lies in the use of the Transformers for processing the data. As the name suggests, a Transformer is an FME Workbench object that carries out the Transformation of features. There are lots of FME Transformers, each of which carries out a different operation. By combining Transformers, you create dynamic workflows. Drag-and-drop them in the right place and it will cost you no time to set up a workflow with complex processes. Save your workflow and re-use it whenever you need it. The visual approach combined with the drag-and-drop feature make the FME Workbench a clever and easy to use tool.

Use the FME Data Inspector to check your data before, during and after transforming. This ensures you can easily spot mistakes and where they are made.
FME is available in several editions, which all have different features.
FME FormFME FlowFME Flow DashboardsFME Flow Hosted
Transform your data and build a workflow in FME Form.

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Automate workflows and run them at your convenience. At night for example.

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Have access to the right tools to help you gain insight in the use, functioning and capacity of FME in your business.

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Use FME Flow, without investing in the necessary hardware and get started right away.

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If you’re not sure which FME Product fits your needs best, we are here to help you.

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer training courses. Hans, the founder and owner of Red Geographics, and Inge van Daelen are both FME Certified Professional, FME Certified Trainer and FME Flow Certified. This proves our FME services, support and training courses meet Safe’s high quality standards.

Do you want to try a demo version of FME first? With this link you can download the demo version. This will provide you with a license for fourteen days and allows you to try all the features. If you have any questions during this time, feel free to contact us. Watch the video below for a short introduction.

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