As GIS and cartography experts you can expect a solid advice on the right software for your business. In The Netherlands, we are a value-added reseller regarding the software below. In addition, we provide the necessary support for all these software packages. Read all about the software and the training courses we offer or contact us for a (non-binding) custom price quote.

Power the flow of data. FME offers boundless possibilities when it comes to processing, transforming and converting (geographical) data.

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FME Form
Take control of your data with FME Form. FME Form helps you integrate and transform your data exactly to your needs. From simple data conversion to complex integrations, it’s all possible.

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FME Flow
Automate your workflows at any given time. Run them in real-time or based on internal or external triggers.

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FME Flow Hosted
Use the FME Flow functionalities without needing the hardware. You pay only what you use.

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FME Dashboards
FME Flow Dashboards provides you with valuable management information on FME Flow and Flow Hosted to help you gain insight in its use, functioning and capacity.

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MAPublisher and LabelPro
This Adobe lllustrator plugin bridges the gap between GIS and geographical software. MAPublisher combines the best of GIS with the powerful design tools Illustrator offers. LabelPro is an add-on in MAPublisher and automates textplacement.

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Geographic Imager
Geographic Imager is a Adobe Photoshop plugin that allows you to read and edit geographical (raster) data.

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Avenza Maps
A mobile map app on which you can download maps for offline use. Your device’s GPS creates the possibility to track your location on any map and plot locations and photos. Another functionality is the option to measure distances and areas.

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Distribution of the software our customers use

  • FME43%
  • MAPublisher41%
  • Label Pro9%
  • Geographic Imager6%
  • Avenza Maps1%