FME for beginners

We understand it's difficult to figure out where to start when you're new with Safe Software's program FME. There are several licenses (Desktop, Server, Server Dashboards and Cloud), that each provide different advantages. Even if you don't work with geographical data, keep reading! FME offers amazing possibilities when it comes to processing and transforming data. This blog covers the beginning of FME and offers a short introduction into its capabilities. If you wan to read more about the numerous licenses FME offers, read this blog.

In this blog we'll cover the next subjects::
Beginning FME (Feature Manipulation Engine)
How does FME work?
Wat is a Transformer?
I'd like to get started with FME, but where do I start?

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The beginning of FME (Feature Manipulation Engine)
Safe Software developed FME in 1993 to help other businesses share maps. At that time, it was possible, but time consuming and much information was lost. The founders of Safe Software wanted to 'free the data' and FME was designed to do just that. As partner of Safe (since 2006), our role is to support others with processing and transforming (spatial) data. We attend worldwide FME events and are fond of our relationship with the founders of Safe. We are also active as moderator on the FME community webpage, where we help to solve issues other FME users have. You can be a part of this community. Check out the community for more information.
In the meantime FME grew to become the number one data-integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. FME supports over 450 formats. Nowadays it's used for much more than just transforming spatial data. Build your own custom workflows that improve access to data and solve compatibility issues, without needing to code anything.

How does FME work?
FME brings data together regardless of the format in which it was wriiten. FME's power lies in the use of Transformers for processing the data. This means FME combines data from different files, (possibly from different organisations and businesses) to create one dataset. This dataset contains only valuable and useful information, since it's up to you to decide what you need. You build a workspace in FME Workbench by selecting the different files and choosing what you need done with the data. As mentioned, FME works with Transformers. By combining these Transformers in a graphic scheme, it's quite easy to set up a complex process. The visual approach along with the drag-and-drop interface make FME an incredible environment to develop.

What is a Transformer?
A Transformer is an object in FME Workbench. They all execute a particular action (there are almost 500). Whether it's combining or merging data, splitting or filtering. With the Transformers it's easy to manipulate your data and change its structure. Don't worry though, you don't have to know all 498 of them. Often only a select amount is used. If you're interested in checking them all out, click here for the entire overview. Most used Transformers are shown first.

I want to get started with FME, but where do I begin?
We're here to help you choose the right license for your business. Together we figure out what you'd use FME for. FME comes it three types, FME Desktop, FME Server and FME Cloud and it's up to you whether you want a fixed or floating license.

FME DesktopFME ServerFME DashboardsFME Cloud
Connect and transform your data and build a workflow in FME Desktop.

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Automate your workflows and run jobs when it suits you best. At night for example.

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Have access to the right tools to manage the functioning of your server and gain insight in how FME is used. in your company.

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Use FME Server without having to invest in hardware and software.

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After purchase, you'll quickly have access to FME on your computer. If needed, we're here to help you. When your new with our software, we advise you to follow our basic FME training, so you can make the best use of the software. Check out our training options.

Try FME for free for 14 days
If you want to try FME without any obligations, you can get the demo version here. This is a demo license, that allows you to try every feature for two weeks. If you have any questions during this period, feel free to contact us.